Welcome to the Winterport Water District
The Winterport Water District is committed to the quality of life and the natural resources that make Winterport a special place to live and recreate. The health of the environment in Winterport is crucial to protecting our water resources. The condition of the natural environment surrounding the Punch Bowl Hill Aquifer affects the amount of treatment that is necessary to provide high quality water to Winterport residents. The Winterport Water District acknowledges the importance that a strong environmental stewardship with the residents of Winterport be maintained to protect our valuable water resources.

The Winterport Water District takes seriously its undertaking to provide our customers with quality service for as lowest costs possible. The District encourages the use of this web site by its customers and other water professionals to learn about not only the services it provides, but how to protect our valuable water resources worldwide.

Changes to Board of Trustees Meetings

Until furthur notice the Winterport Water District  Board of Trustees will hold thier meetings the second Monday of each month at 4:00 PM at Olver Associates located at 290 South Main Street. Those wishing to attend via ZOOM video conferencing should contact the Water District Office on Sampson Street at (207) 223-5028. Those wishing to attend the meeting should conact Kristen Clark at the Districts office at (207) 223-5028 for login information.

Winterport Water District Customers May Now Pay Their Utility Bill Online!

Go to our electronics payment page to pay your water and sewer bill. Check here.......